Rice is amongst our main products. We deal in wide varieties of Rice to suit all kind of needs of our esteemed customers spread across the globe. Our packaged Rice is available in all varieties in packaging sizes of 1 to 50 kilograms.

We have a wide supply chain network that enables us to make delivery of consignments within the stipulated time. Our team professionals ensure that the products we offer are sternly manufactured using the certified array of raw materials. We conduct strict quality checks while sourcing the raw material.

Rice is a grain, the seed of a type of grass, which is the most widely grown and the most important source of dietary carbohydrate on Earth. Generally grown in flooded paddy fields to keep predators at bay, it can also be grown in soil but then requires much more human intervention and pest control. It is said there are almost 50,000 varieties of rice and more are being created every year by cross-breeding. In China, which produces about 25 per cent of all rice, some varieties ripen so quickly that two or even three crops a year can be harvested.

Rice may be cooked and eaten as a high-fibre, high-nutrition wholegrain, often called brown rice, or might be husked and then served as white rice, which is less nutritious and has no fibre content.

A few rice families have distinct and attractive fragrances and flavours, but most rice is chosen to be bland so it can be cooked, served and eaten as a filling accompaniment to tastier foods.

When ground and added to a hot liquid, white rice acts as a thickener.

Wherever you are in the world, rice of some kind will be available.

The important thing is to choose the style of rice that most suits your intended cooking: long-grain rice plumps and cooks into long separate grains, which are also still a little absorbent: medium length grains are a little softer, starchier and stickier and short-grain rice can be relied upon to stick together.

Otherwise, if you’re buying in bulk, look for and avoid broken grains and dustiness, generally not a problem if you’re buying in the West, even if buying in bulk that has been pre-packed in other countries. Best check what is said on the label and to pay extra to be sure the rice has been graded and cleaned.

Take Minimum Order Quantity : 250 MT


Quality Options Process Options Broken Percentage Options Packaging Options
1121 Raw 5% Broken PP Bags
Pure Basmati Steam 100% Broken Jute Bags
PUSA paboiled (sella)
Sharbati Golden
I R 36 Silky
Masoori Sortexed